Personal Growth Education


To support the development of healthy self-image for students to face challenges in life positively and foster a positive value;

 To facilitate students’ social development and the development of good interpersonal relationships

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Planning


The curriculum design is centred around sexuality education. Students will acquire knowledge in physical and mental development at different stages of personal growth. Students’ understanding of their own emotions, abilities, strengths and weaknesses will be enhanced. Students will learn how to appreciate themselves and others, and develop a positive value to self, life, love and sex.

Scenario-based and Experiential Teaching Strategies

Picture books, multi-media and experiential activities of life events are employed in order to foster students’ positive qualities including gratitude, conscience and social wisdom. 

Practices and simulation exercises are arranged to develop self-management skills of students at each stage of personal growth, such as self-protection, change management during puberty and right attitude towards sex. 

Interprofessional Collaboration

  • Sexuality education groups are co-organized with the social worker team. The level of discussion about sex and love is enhanced from the basis of knowledge and tactics to the development of moral values. Furthermore, there are parents’ groups about how to teach self-protection to children.


Diversified assessment methods are used. For instance, there are assessments by teachers, self and peers to evaluate students’ mastery of knowledge, skills and attitude. 

The achievement and progress of each student in personal growth education are recorded in the personal learning profile. 

In the Class

Junior secondary students will have lessons by gender to reinforce their awareness of physical and mental change in puberty and self-protection, and to build up a respectful attitude towards the opposite sex. It also allows more interactions between teachers and students.

To encourage students to learn independently, our subject will design a self-learning teaching material related to personal hygiene during puberty. Therefore, students can learn from the program diagram more easily.