Parent Zone



1. To reinforce the communication between parents and the school to better address students’ needs

2. To facilitate the spirit of mutual support and help through experience sharing amongst parents


Scope of Work:


1. We collaborate with Incorporated Management Committee to elect the Parent Manager

2. We monitor the work of student affairs on a regular basis

3. We distribute newsletter and reports of the association on a regular basis

4. We host parent-teacher association meeting on a regular basis to discuss student affairs

5. We organize activities including

-Diversified parent-child activities to promote parent-child relationship;

-Supporting the school in launching large-scaled events. For instance, the parent executive members will support in guest reception;

-The activity of “Parents Respect Our Teachers Too” every year (「家長也敬師」)

-Thematic parents’ talks to enrich parents’ knowledge;

-Interest classes for parents to enrich their interests and relieve their pressure.


The 16th Executive Committee Members (23-25)


Advisor:Yuen Hok Sum
Chairman:Chan Nga Chi (Yim Tze Kit’s parent)
Vice Chairman:Chan Ming Chi
Treasury:Ng Fung Mui (Ng Yat Long’s parent), Wun Sau Ping
Secretary:Zeng Wei Ping (Su Xexi’s parent), Ng Ka Man
Vice Secretary:Hui Wai Man (Hui Lok Yee’s parent), Sun Tsz Ying
Liaison:Dai Huan Huan (Dai Ka Ho’s parent), Lau so sum
Recreation:Sung Ka Yan (Chan Lap Hang’s parent), Lau Kwai
Ching (Fong Tsz Long’s parent), Chui Wai Ling, Chan Sin Man




To ensure a smooth implementation of student affairs such as lunch, school bus and school uniform arrangement through monitoring.


Scope of Work :


1. We monitor the school uniform vendor.

2. We monitor the school bus service and safety issues.

3. We monitor the school lunch vendor.

4. We launch a recognition scheme of “I am a volunteer” to encourage parents’ participation in student affairs.



School Uniform


Supplier : Victoria Uniform

Shop Location : Shop R165, G/F, Butterfly Plaza, 1 Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun, N.T.

Tel : 2404 0177

School Bus Service



The school has its own 29 seater school bus and an outsourced school bus service to carry students to and from school. The outsourced school bus contract is awarded based on the tender procedure.

Our school bus service covers Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai. Every school bus will be followed by an escort, who is responsible for school child safety.

The school bus services in 2021-2022 are as follows.


Route Tin Shui Wai




Pick-up Point
(To school)

Drop-off Point
(After school)

Tin Shing Court

Tin Yan Estate

Sherwood Court
(Zenith Kindergarten Bus Stop)

Tin Shui Estate

Tin Chung Court

Lynwood Court
(Shap Pat Heung Secondary School)

Tin Yuet Estate
(Tin Wah Road Bus Stop)

Tin Ching Estate
(Ching Wan Road Bus Stop)

Central Park Towers

Tin Chak Shopping Centre

Tin Heng Estate

Hung Fuk Estate

Tin Ching Estate
(Ching Wan Road Bus Stop)

Tin Yuet Estate
(Tin Wah Road Bus Stop)

Hung Shui Kiu Light Rail Stop



Route Tuen Mun



Pick-up Point
(To school)

Drop-off Point
(After school)

Siu Lam

Glorious Garden

Gold Coast

Wu King Estate

Nerine Cove

Shan King Estate

Yau Oi Estate

Tai Hing Gardens

Siu Lun Court

Chelsea Heights

Tuen Mun Town Centre

Lam Tei

Leung King Estate

Nai Wai

Tin King Light Rail Stop

Yan Tin Estate

Fu Tai Estate

Tuen Mun Town Centre


Yick Yuen Tsuen


Aegean Coast










Route Yuen Long



Pick-up Point (To School)

Drop-off Point (After School)

South Yuen Long Government Primary School

Tung Tau Estate

Tung Shing Lei

Long Ping

The road outside Riva

Shui Pin Wai

Nam Hang Tsuen, Tai Tong

Yeung Uk Tsuen Bus Stop

Shui Tsiu Lo Wai, Tai Tong


Shung Ching Public School Passing Place


Park Signature


Fung Ting Court Passing Place