School Profile

We provide a learning environment full of care and joy for students with intellectual disabilities to develop their strengths and potential. We strive to enable their autonomy, determination and balance development in morality, intelligence, physical, social life and aesthetics. In addition, we aim at developing student’s lifelong learning abilities and a spirit of “self-respect, self-empowerment, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-learning, self-help and altruism” for them to integrate into society and serve the community.


Hong Chi Association is a non-profit making organization in Hong Kong dedicated to serving people of intellectual disabilities and their families. “Hong” in Chinese means “to assist”, while “Chi” refers to “the intellect”. “Hong Chi” denotes the spirit of assisting people with intellectual disabilities.

We believe:


●That people with intellectual disabilities have the same rights, freedoms and responsibilities as other members of the community.

●That they should be given every opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally.

●That they should be encouraged and helped to participate fully in family and community life.

●That all forms of discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities should not be tolerated.



We will:


●Listen to the needs and wishes of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

●Develop them to their fullest potential through training, education and employment and assist them to live as independently as possible.

●Promote understanding and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities.


We provide a proactive, creative and joyful learning environment. Our curriculum emphasizes the “moral, intelligent, physical, social and aesthetic” development with an aim to (a) grow students’ potential to the full, (b) equip them with self-care ability to live independently, (c) empower them to integrate into society and live out a prosperous and meaningful life.

We devise the “Career Planning” Courses which provide vocational and pre-employment training to our students of Secondary 1 or above. It is to get them prepared for community life and the transition of further study or employment.

We strive to facilitate the professional development of our teaching staff continuously in pursuit of quality education.

Our Parent-Teacher Association allows parents to have a better understanding of school affairs. It also supports parents in need and reinforce the mutual help amongst parents which manifests the spirit of cooperation between parents and the school.

We fully utilize our quality green campus with adequate space and resources to optimize the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

We also strive to enhance the awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities in the community and encourage social inclusion.




Hong Chi Morninghope School, Tuen Mun is an aided special school providing Primary 1 to Secondary 6 education to students with mild intellectual disabilities aged 6 or above. In addition to the curriculum for intellectual disabilities, our school also provides learning assistance to students with autism spectrum disorders, speech therapies, occupational therapies, non-Chinese speaking student support, nursing service, counselling service by social workers and educational psychologist service to our students.


Admission Criteria


All students are referred by the referral and placement (R&P) mechanism of the Education Bureau after intelligence assessment.


Number of Students


Total 224 students (9 classes in primary level, 6 classes in secondary level, total 15 classes)


Address : 2 Tsing Lun Road, Tuen Mun  Phone : 2462 0850 Fax : 2464 2911 Email





Our school is located at the intersection of Tsing Lun Road and Tsun Wen Road in the northwest district of Tuen Mun, to the right of Kin Sang and to the left of the tourist attraction of Ching Chung Koon, and facing the LRT station of Ching Chung.

KMB Bus Routes: 58M, 58X, 258D, 260S, 260X

West Rail Feeder Bus Routes: K58

Green Minibus: 40 (from Siu Hang Tsuen to Yau Oi), 44A (Sheung Shui line), 44B (Lok Ma Chau line)