The curriculum incorporates various job categories for students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to work and explore their career aptitude. We strive to broaden their horizon, develop their potential and prepare them for further education or employment.

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Planning

Junior secondary students will have holistic experience of different types of job to raise their awareness of their own career aptitude, strengths, weaknesses and potential.

The senior secondary electives allow students to explore their career interest thoroughly, intensify their skills and lay the foundation for future career choice.

We value the communication with training institutes and employers. The school-based curriculum is optimized from time to time to support students’ transition after graduation.

Teaching Strategy

Actual work environment is simulated. Relevant facilities and equipment are employed for students to learn from actual operation.

Internship, experiential activities, services and on-site training are arranged for students to apply the skills they learnt and cultivate their willingness to serve.

Interprofessional collaboration and external resources are employed to enhance the work-related generic skills of students.

Extra experiential activities of different jobs are provided to students to broaden their horizons, develop their career interests and skills.