Information and Communication Technology



To equip students with the basic knowledge of computer and information technology, to grow their interest in information technology and their self-learning ability;

To allow students to use information technology for information processing and searching;

To enhance the information literacy of students;

To prepare students for further education and employment, such as teaching them how to type, how to use MS-Office and image processing software;

To foster the usage of information technology in lifelong learning.


Curriculum Features


Curriculum Planning

The teaching is inquiry-based to facilitate students’ ability to integrate and apply their knowledge and skills, and to enrich their learning.

Elements of information literacy are added to cultivate the right attitude and value of students.


Teaching Strategies

Pre-class Preparation

Students will study the learning materials before class to have preliminary understanding of the topics.



Performance-based Learning

Students acquire the skills such as programming and drawing with MS Paint through practices. 





Students make use of the self-learning manuals to learn and construct knowledge on their own.



By doing self-reflection, students will understand their own value and attitude towards information technology.




Students’ performance is assessed by classwork and observations. There are also self-assessments and peer-assessments.