Design & Technology



To equip students with basic hands-on and minds-on skills to solve problems in daily life;

To create the awareness of basic design principles, to uncover students’ potential in creativity for their trial of creative work;

To inform students of the relationship between technological development and our lives, and the know-how to use technology appropriately;

To nurture students’ team spirit, mutual support and harmonious interpersonal relationship through performance-based activities and exploration of technology;

To cultivate their good work attitude and habit to prepare them for future admission to vocational training centres or sheltered workshops.


Curriculum Features


Curriculum Planning


Materials and Structure

Contents include: materials and resources, structure and mechanical structure, material processing

Operations and Manufacturing

Contents include: equipment and facilities, manufacturing process

Systems and Control

Contents include: concept and application of systems, system integration and automation


Teaching Strategies

Diversified learning activities are designed to enhance students’ engagement in class. For instance, there are group activities, performance-based learning, usage of visualization and flow charts.



Students’ capabilities and performance are reviewed and recorded based on the foci of learning and benchmark of each class. Areas such as usage of tools, usage of equipment and creative thinking are assessed.