To develop the listening, speaking, reading, comprehension and writing skills of students;

To enhance students’ social adaptability by teaching them knowledge of English and terms commonly used in daily life;

To enhance their communication skills, critical thinking and creativity;

To foster an interest in reading, to develop a good attitude, habit of reading and self-learning ability.

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum is modified based on students’ learning needs and capabilities. Suitable teaching materials and tools are selected to facilitate learning.

Diversified Teaching Strategies

Diversified teaching strategies are applied. For instance, self-directed learning, gamification and digital learning are employed to enhance students’ knowledge of English and ability to apply the knowledge.

Thematic learning activities are devised to facilitate students’ learning and broaden their usage of English. More learning opportunities are provided through the activities to enhance their confidence in learning English.


Using preparation worksheets: identifying the knowledge of students towards the topic

Students submit their work in Google Classroom

Self-learning Exercise

English Alphabets Writing Exercise – Spelling Exercise

High Frequency Words Exercise