General/Liberal Studies


Our General/Liberal Studies curriculum strives to:

Provide diversified learning experiences for students to have better understanding of themselves, the society, the country and the world; 

Draw students’ attention to their personal growth and development, and to support their development of healthy lifestyle;

Arouse their awareness to the environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle;

Help students to understand the society, social affairs, citizen rights and responsibilities, and to enhance their civic awareness;

Enhance students’ interests in Chinese history, nationality and culture, and the country development;

Enhance their interests in world history and future, and to improve their information literacy and capability to use information technology properly;

Include the elements of science and technology in STEM education to facilitate students’ integration and application of knowledge and skills, and to nurture their curiosity, creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. 

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Planning

Thematic Approach: The themes of school-based curriculum are planned in consideration of the mental development and needs of students. Relevant content and teaching materials are structured and taught by theme to cater for students’ capabilities and interests. 

Diversified Teaching Strategies

Visualization :

Different visualization methods are used in teaching materials to facilitate students’ integration of knowledge. For instance, mind maps, classification charts, tree diagrams, flow charts and Venn diagrams are used. They help students organize and consolidate what they have learnt.

Incorporation of Self-learning Element :

Students will complete different kinds of pre-class tasks which bring out the learning themes.

Incorporation of Self-learning Element :

Diversified note-taking methods are employed for students to summarize the textbook content and consolidate their learning.

Element of Current Affairs :

Newspaper cutting exercises of different level of complexity are assigned to students according to their grades. Students will reflect on current affairs under the framework of 4F (Fact, Feeling, Finding, Future).

Project Learning :

Students will involve in the process of information search, structuring the data, data analysis and implementation in projects. Their ability to study and research will be nurtured and enhanced.

Inquiry-based Learning :

This approach is used to develop students’ curiosity and interests in science and technology. It also supports students in acquiring basic knowledge of research process and ability to learn with information technology.

In July 2019, we co-organized a STEM activity for students with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Students tried to assemble different mechanical items such as robotic arms, LEGO robotic cars and robots solving Rubik’s Cube. The activity enhanced students’ interest in STEM and provided students with more hands-on STEM experience.

Life-wide Learning :

Life-wide learning activities extend learning beyond classroom. They help students integrate and apply their knowledge, skills and values. They also enrich the learning experience of students and increase their learning interest and capability.

For instance: there were visits to the Hong Kong Space Museum, Housing Authority and exhibition centre of the Housing Department.