Physical Education



To nurture students’ interest in sports by introducing different types of sports;

To make exercise a habit of students, to incorporate sports into their daily lives and enhance their physical health;

To cultivate sportsmanship, team spirit and aesthetic sense of students by engaging them in different types of interclass and interschool activities

To develop students’ generic skills including collaboration and critical thinking skills

To equip students with safety knowledge through different types of sports


Curriculum Features

Diversified learning activities are arranged to equip students with knowledge and skills of different types of sports and nurture their interest in sports.

Diversified learning strategies such as collaborative learning are employed to nurture the cooperative/team spirit and culture of appreciation.

Students are engaged in interclass/interschool competitions and activities in order to enhance their confidence, broaden their horizons and enrich their life experience.

Regular sports training is provided to keep students fit and develop their habit of “exercising every day”.

Physical fitness of students will be enhanced.







Special Marathon


PE school-based magazine (Enhance the reading interest of students)



PE subject provide a sport reading materials, Good Posture book, for students to study at home.