To enhance students’ interest in Putonghua by diversified learning activities;

To improve students’ Putonghua listening and reading skills and to develop their Putonghua sense by reading training;

To enhance the effectiveness of learning in terms of knowledge, ability and attitude, to cater for learning diversity and optimize their learning outcome.


Curriculum Features


Curriculum Planning

Our curriculum design puts emphasis on practice and real-life application. Students learn the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of Putonghua phonetics under topics related to daily life. We aim to nurture the all-rounded skills of listening, speaking, reading and self-learning of students.

Senior secondary students participant in Other Learning Experience Activities, such as Putonghua Radio and Dubbing, to enhance Putonghua abilities and broaden their horizons.


Diversified Teaching Strategies

Diversified teaching strategies including scenario learning, group activities and digital learning are employed to enhance the learning motivation of students.


Learning in Context

A language rich environment is built to provide more opportunities for students to practise their listening and speaking. For instance, Putonghua phonetics cards are posted on the facilities of the campus to reinforce students’ learning of phonetics.




Self-directed Learning

Students will use iPAD and self-learning manual of Cantonese and Putonghua terminology comparison to consolidate their learning in class.






Diversified Assessments

Different assessment methods are used to evaluate learning effectiveness of students based on each learning target. For instance, there are assessments by self, peers and teachers.