Technology and Living


We strive to equip students with the knowledge and skills related to food, fashion and home economics to get them prepared for their future living. We aim to lay the foundation for their quality lives and develop their life-long learning ability. 

Curriculum Features

Curriculum Planning

Technology and Living involves junior and senior secondary curriculum, covering three major areas: Food, Fashion and Home Economics. Students will try to solve problems they face in daily lives by recognizing and applying the technology and resources available to develop their independent living and self-care ability. The curriculum also facilitates more in-depth learning of effective application and management of resources. It illustrates the meaning of quality life from multiple dimensions and aims to nurture their lifelong learning ability.

Diversified Teaching Strategies

Diversified teaching strategies including cooperative learning and project learning are employed to develop students’ generic skills. Experiments are conducted in class to develop students’ ability to explore. Our classes put much emphasis on practice. Students acquire the subject knowledge and skills while they cook, and hence improve their life skills. Their in-class practices are assessed to evaluate their learning performance.

Students learnt how to pan-fry chicken wings in class

Students made stir-fried spring beans with minced pork in class

Our student participated in culinary competition

Life-wide learning: senior secondary students visited Green Hub

Senior secondary students designed and sewed water bottle bags

Senior secondary students designed and sewed water bottle bags

Senior secondary students made use of the pandan leaves grown in school to make pandan cake

Senior secondary students learnt from the internet by themselves and made stir-fried eggplants with minced pork together

Our senior secondary student chose his own dish and made a Japanese-style lunch box